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scrap shredder complex transportation - at work ...
september 2006
Voyage: Kiel - N.Novgorod
Cargo: heavy units up to 50 Mts ( total 300 tons), off-gauge cargo, heavy size general cargo (Equipment)
Exporter / Importer: Metso / Hetek
Operations: Loading in Kiel, sea
Heavy shells transportation Togliatti - Alexandria
september 2006
Voyage: Togliatti –  Alexandria
Cargo: heavy shells (57 tons), off-gauge cargo (Equipment for the cement industry)
Exporter: VolgoCemMach, Russia
Operations: Loading in Togliatti, accommodation
Crane transportation
july 2006
Voyage: N. Novgorod inland transportation
Cargo: off-gauge cargo Heavy Crane
Client: SVF
Operations: discharging on the rail way station at N. Novgorod, accommodation transportation with local city
Sets of SILOs transportation Spain - Kazan
Spring 2006
Transportation of silos.
Voyage: Munguia – Bilbao (Spain) – Rotterdam (The Netherlands) – Saint-Petersburg (Russia) - Kazan
Cargo: Complex for rape seeds and sunflower reloading consisting of set
TRUCKS to Siberia
november / december 2005
Voyage: N. Novgorod - Siberia.
Cargo: caterpillar retrievers
Client: Spec Technique
Operations: truck transportation, transshipment on the railway station in Nizhny Novgorod, rail transportation
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